An eccentric photographer.

I think that eccentric photography is a good thing! 

There are various meanings of the word “eccentric”, but let’s use the one that, according to Wikipedia, means “out of the centre”. 

It’s really easy to put the main subject of your images in the exact centre, as most of the time it’s how we see things.  When we look at a person or thing, we place them (especially their eyes) in the centre of our field of vision.   With portrait photography that’s not always the best way to get an interesting composition.

"The orange cup" by Gale Photography

In this natural light portrait, the strong lighting on the orange cup catches the eye, and the dark space above his head reinforces the fact that he’s small.  If the cup was central it would not be as strong an image.  The strongly directional light has given a lovely rim lighting to his head and body. 

"Abby off centre" by Gale Photography

In this image, shot in my portrait studio near Swindon, I’ve put the person well off to the right.  As we “read” images from left to right, our eyes reach the main subject last.  She is, in fact, acting like a “bookend”, which keeps our interest, because it stops our eyes from leaving the frame.  Her face is the lightest part of the image, and isn’t white because of the warm toning.

"Off centre boy" by Gale Photography

In this studio portrait, the boy’s eyes are the darkest part of the image, and the rest of the image is made of very pale tones.  Having his eyes so near the top of the frame, and on an angle, gives an interesting perspective.  His intense expression adds to that perspective.

"The red hat" by Gale Photography

Finally, this location fashion portrait was taken with off-camera flash, and bright sunlight shining through a hole in a wall.  The red hat is the strongest colour present and really holds the composition together.  The brightest point is very close to the top of the frame, but that doesn’t matter.

Remember to put your main subject off-centre, and you will get more interesting images.  Why not join me and become an eccentric photographer!

Off-centre composition is one of the subjects in my “The Creative Eye” photographic training workshop.

See you next time, 


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