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“Wiltshire’s Favourite Radio Photographer”!

December 17, 2009

Now, given that there are no pictures on the radio, it may seem odd to you that I am “Wiltshire’s Favourite Radio Photographer” but please bear with me.  After all, in the days when “the wireless” meant the radio instead of 802.11n or Bluetooth, there was a BBC radio programme called “Educating Archie” that had a ventriloquist.   “I swear that I heard his lips move…”  

"Christmas Present labels" by Gale Photography

"Christmas Present labels" by Gale Photography

You will recall that the last two blog posts have been all about creative Christmas photography.  Well, you can now listen to those tips on the radio as well as reading them.   They’re called “Cold Snaps” (I didn’t think of the title!), and are being broadcast on BBC Radio Wiltshire.  You can listen to my dulcet tones on Annie Weston’s splendid Sunday afternoon programme on 20th December between 1pm and 4pm.   

"Christmas presents" by Gale Photography

"Christmas presents" by Gale Photography

The first set of creative Christmas photography tips was broadcast on Sunday 13th December, so you’ve missed them!   Well actually you haven’t, because you can listen again on the BBC website.  The first Tip starts at 43m 13 secs into the programme.  You’ll have to be quick though as the listen again programme changes every week! 

"Creative camera movement" by Gale Photography

"Creative camera movement" by Gale Photography

So, you can read the creative photography tips on the blog, listen to them on the radio, and come along to one of our training courses.  So there’s no excuse for your Christmas photographs not being as good as they can be! 

 Have a great Christmas!!!


Another Award!

May 26, 2009

Welcome to the Gale Photography blog!!

On these pages we’ll be giving you our news and views, and thoughts about photography in general. 

We’re having fun planning our 2009 Photographic Training and Photo Trek programme.  We’ve just rescheduled our “Love your DSLR” course to June 13th, and there are still places left. 

If “al fresco” photographic training is more to your taste, then what about coming to a Photo Trek?  The first Photo Trek at Buscot Park, Oxfordshire, is in place for August 8th.  It’s a half-day afternoon trek and I’ll be taking a group of no more than 10 people around the fabulous gardens and parkland, and helping them improve their photography on the way.  I’m really looking forward to it.  We would like to thank Lord Faringdon for permission to run Photo Treks at this terrific venue.

On the subject of having fun, I had a very interesting evening last Monday.  I popped along to the annual MPA regional Portrait competition down near Bristol.  It was judged by Damien Lovegrove who did another great job of constructive commenting.  He gave me a Merit Award in the Location Portrait section.  He loved the use of a low camera angle, off-camera flash and frozen action; thanks Damien!  

LP-555-9551 Merit award - blog post

2009 MPA Portrait Merit

 At our studio in Oxfordshire we always try to get a different style of portrait image, and this lifestyle portrait shot of a boy jumping his skateboard was great fun to do – although lying on the ground with a very wide angle lens while he was doing it felt a bit dangerous!  Oh, how we suffer for our art…